Chicken Breed

The production of organic chicken on Jungle Dave's Farms began in 2010, with two classes of chickens, those used for meat consumption, broilers, and laying hens. Mixing the two breeds results in "Runas", the breed used for chicken soups (Caldo de Gallina in Spanish) here in Ecuador.

The Organic Diet

Chopped Sugar cane mixed with ground barley and wheat, providing carbohydrates (produces fat), protein (produces meat). The sugarcane fields are fertilized with the chicken excrement, one of several self sustaining production projects on the farm.


Chickens are provided with dry areas, clean water, and always have food resulting in happy, healthy, fat chickens!

Free Range

Free range birds are fed chopped sugar cane, yet have large areas to roam and eat many species of jungle insects, extra sources of protein, resulting often in double yolked eggs.

Bulk Prices Available!

Delivery areas include Cuenca, Loja, Macas, Riobamba, Ambato, and Quito