The production of guinea pigs at Jungle Dave's Farms began in 2008. Considered a delicacy in Ecuador, the guinea pig eats several types of tropical pasture as a foodstuff. It is often supplemented with available grains across the Sierra. Here in the Jungle, we use sugar cane (whole and chopped) to produce large, healthy, organic guinea pig.


Guinea Pig fertilizer is the choice fertilizer used in the production of organic fruits and vegetables. While not the most efficient of small animals to reproduce, that honor belongs to RABBITS, Guinea Pig do reproduce rapidly, and are well accustomed to several types of rapidly producing tropical pastures. These not provide all of the minimal essential nutrients for rabbits alone.
In Ecuador, the Guinea Pig (Cuey) is roasted over hot coals. When cooked properly, the skin is crunchy, and the dark meat is steaming on the inside, and comes right off the bone. IT IS TRUELY A DELICACY!

We offer guinea pigs on overnight stays on the farm.